A guide to setting up and living the van life

This site gives you the resources to comfortably live full time in a van. Whether you build it yourself, or buy one already converted, you want to know the important build points.


Finished Van
My “finished” van right before I left

Why live the van life?
1) You want to travel
Travel is usually very expensive. You need time off work (most Americans only get TWO weeks a year), money for airfare, hotels, meals, etc. Van life allows for travel in the most inexpensive way possible (while still having your own space). Your entire living space is mobile. You don’t need to pay to stay anywhere nightly and you can cook your own food for health and savings. You forgo rent, the biggest expense for most people, and can afford to work less (or not at all!).

2) You want freedom
The majority of Americans work to support their lifestyles, then spend their free time recovering from work. If you minimize your “lifestyle”, you can work less and live how you want. There is a unique freedom in being able to go and stay anywhere at anytime, to do anything you want unencumbered by routine/money/work/responsibilities.

3) You want to save for an early retirement or to pay off debts
Think about how much money you could save if you didn’t have to pay rent. $12k/year? What if you lived minimally and saved most of what you earned? This savings really adds up.

4) You want to break out of your existing lifestyle and try something radically different
Living in a van forces your out of your comfort zone. Comfort is the enemy of growth and personal development. In addition, van life is minimalist by necessity (every sq. ft. you use for stuff, is less you have for living). Break out of the consumerist mold.

5) You want to always live in an ideal climate
Tired of the blistering heat? The bitter cold? Drive somewhere else and stay there as long as you want.

6) You want to wake up to views you could never normally afford
There’s not much better than staying on the street in a ‘rich’ neighborhood with the most expensive views in town, and getting them for free!

7) You want a whole host of new experiences
Van life forces you out of your comfort zone. Every day you will face unique challenges and experiences, forcing personal growth at a rapid pace.