About Me

Working on the vanI’m a 29 year old Electrical Engineer that got fed up with the cubicle life and decided I needed something drastically different. I followed the plan society set out for me. I worked hard, got a good degree, a great job, and got married. Then what? I realized I wasn’t happy with the life I had built, and that I never took the time to travel and discover who I really wanted to be.

But how could I travel? I needed to work to support my expensive lifestyle, but couldn’t travel the country on the 4 weeks a year of vacation I was alloted. When I visited San Francisco, I saw how people lived who had been priced out of their homes. Many of them lived in broken down vans on the side of the road. That gave me the initial idea for a tiny mobile living space.

It took me a month of research, and two months of full time work to build out the van. I wanted to create a resource that would help others make the transition based on my experiences. I was lucky enough to be able to stay with various family members while I worked on the van.

I’ve been traveling around in my van full time since February 2017 and loving every second.

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I bought most of the stuff I used on Amazon.com and use affiliate links throughout the site to pay for hosting costs. I also accept bitcoin donations to 1K8kBpsyMBJHW4WjpDsLDw49h11fGUNh1R