Little Touches

There are a large number of little things that will make your van feel like home. This page goes through the ones that have helped the most.

Hanging Fruit Basket

Fruit does not do well closed away in cabinets. I found the perfect oblong 3-tier hanging fruit basket that was easy to hang from the celling, then tie to the wall so it doesn’t flop around while I’m driving.








Magnetic Knife strip

In the event of an accident, you don’t want knives flying everywhere. Even with that said, it was too inconvenient to try and tuck them away, so instead I found a nice spot to tuck the knife strip. A fire extinguisher is also handy.






It’s so nice to just hang things up. Towels to dry, coats, bags, door blocking tapestries, the sky is the limit.





“Entry-way” mats

You will have dirty shoes. It’s nice to rub them on something that’s always there. I used some leftover 3M contact cement and cut up pieces of an entry way mat to add one of these to each step-up part of the van. It’s been really nice.




Mosquito Netting

I haven’t finished this one yet, but ordered a big sheet of mosquito netting for cheap. Then I’m going to cut it to size for my rear doors, and stitch magnets onto it. Then I can plop the thing in place, and keep my doors open without any fear of mosquito. Not for use in stealthy areas, but perfect for those nature boondocking spots!