Vent Fan

It’s incredibly important to be able to bring in fresh air, or push out stale air in a stealthy way, even when it’s raining.

View of Vent FanEnter the Maxxair Deluxe Fan. You can get a cheaper, manual fan fan but I liked the ability to open/close and change the speed with a remote.

I recommend the Maxxair for three reasons:
1) Its design REALLY blocks the rain, and sometimes you need fresh air when it’s raining, or leave your fan on when you’re gone and it’s hot out

2) When closed, it looks quite stealth, and the white blends in with the top of the van

3) Excellent reviews and customer service (they’ll ship you replacement parts!)







I installed it a bit differently than its instructions, based on lots of research. Instead of drilling ~12 new holes in the roof for the screws, I glued the frame into place.

1) Find a good spot to put it. On the sprinter, there was really only 1 option, right where a factory A/C unit would have gone if I had one, the fan fit nicely between two ribs.

2) Double check your spot! Once you start cutting, you’d HATE to hit a structural support.

3) Drill some pilot holes for your jigsaw to fit through, this is a good time to TRIPLE CHECK it’s going to fit, and the measurements are right. A tiny hole is easier to seal than a big square one

4) Enlarge your pilot holes and trace the fan shroud with a grease pencil

5) Slow and steady with the jigsaw, cut that big square hole in your roof. It’s nerve-wrecking, but you can do it*Here’s where my instructions differ from factory*

6) I didn’t put a dozen screw holes into my roof to hold the shroud in. More holes = more chance for moisture to get in and trapped = more rust, leaks and problems. No thank you!
Instead, I used Sikaflex 221 Adhesive Caulk which I’ve used for multiple things on the van. It’s flexible, stands up to the rigors of van life, and holds STRONG.

7) Put a bead around the edge of your vent shroud, and clamp it in place until dry. Be careful not to clamp too hard, as you don’t want the metal roof to bend or flex. It’s still holding  great, no leaks, no problems.
Note: I made a quick scrap wood frame for the clamps to hold onto to, and the adhesive oozed onto it, gluing it into place! Good thing the “scrap” wood looked good.

8) Screw in the vent fan and wire according to the directions. This is the easy part. Gluing into place