Overnight Oats

Simple Vegan “Breakfast Cobbler”

Ok my friends, this one you don’t need to live in a van to enjoy. I have been eating Overnight oats almost every day since 2015 and they are AMAZING. The best grab and go meal you could hope for.

It’s like eating a healthy, nutritious dessert that fills you up and gives you energy for hours. I make 5+ hearty meals in under 30 minutes total that stay good for a week+

Here’s the secret: Soaked oats absorb ALL the flavors while they sit in the fridge. They don’t get sticky and dry like cooked oats. All the digestive enzymes remain intact so they are easier on your body to power through. Perfect for the morning, when you need to fire your metabolism up to burn energy strong all day. They’re great any time as a meal replacement though.


I originally had a long list of things you could put in there. That article didn’t pass the simple “Mom test” so heres the actual recipe I use. These amounts are for 5-6 pint size mason jars. This gives me about a week worth of breakfasts.

1. Group your empty jars together

2. Two 13.5 Oz cans coconut milk, divided evenly between jars (you can also use almond, or some other nut milk)

3. Add in most dry ingredients (amounts are for EACH jar):
dash salt
1 TSP Cinnamon
1 TSP cocoa powder
2 TBS Shelled Hemp seeds or Protein powder
1 TBS honey

4. Stir to combine

5. Add 1/2 Cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (NOT quick cook) per jar

6. Add 2 TSP Raisins (per jar)

7. Add 20-32 Oz of coconut yogurt (divided evenly per jar, about 6 Oz per jar)

8. Add 2 TSP of chia seeds per jar

9. Stir gently to combine

10. Top with 1 package frozen raspberries (divided evenly per jar)

11. Loosely put on lids and refrigerate at least 1 night; eat within a week or so

Tweaking the Recipe

You can’t really mess this recipe up. If it’s too watery, add some more oats and let it sit another night. If it’s too thick, grab another jar, spoon out the thick stuff from the original jars, and add some more liquid. I don’t usually measure out exact amounts. It’s more about what I’m feeling when I make it.

You can really put anything you like in it. I’m going to list what I typically throw in there, but the essentials are: Old fashioned rolled oats, Milk alternative, Yogurt alternative, and chia seeds. Aside from that base, anything goes!

Diced dried fruit (raisins, mango, prune, etc)
Nut pieces (Almonds, Pecan, Macidamia, etc)
Cocoa powder (I like Carob better, similar flavor, healthier)
Flax seeds – Whole, not roasted or powdered. Flax goes bad very fast otherwise.
Hemp seeds or powder – Nutrition POWERHOUSE and a complete protein. The powder has the benefit of extra fiber, but be careful of too much fiber too fast; ease into it
Goji Berries
Vanilla Extract
Stevia instead of honey (you only need a tiny bit, one drop per jar)!

Frozen Fruit (10 Oz bag for 4-6 jars) that works well:
Raspberries are my favorite and add an incredible amount of flavor
Banana (If you use Banana the overnight oats will only last a couple days, consider adding it as you eat the oats).