Stealthy ParkingStealth, or keeping people from knowing there’s someone living in the van, is incredibly important. It’s really the main reason we choose to live in white panel vans, rather than camper vans or RVs.

Many areas of the country have laws against sleeping in your vehicle. So the trick is to remain undetected in your alternative lifestyle.

Here’s a quick anecdote for why stealth is so valuable: recently I snuck into a state park camping lot because I was too tired to find another sleep spot. At around 11PM the ranger (I’m assuming) came, tried to open all my doors, knocked, shook the van, and knocked some more. I ignored him, he went away, and I got a great nights sleep.



Front Stealth CurtainThere are a few keys to remaining unnoticed (and not hassled).
– I bought an nondescript (high top) white panel van
– I created insulated black out curtains so from the front and rear, all you see is blackness. Having a way to visually separate yourself from the outside is incredibly important.
– I resisted the urge to mount anything unnecessary to it, or to put any type of identifying marks on it (bumper
stickers, signs, etc.)
– I keep the front clean, and don’t keep anything valuable up there.
– The insulation I used, Thinsulate, has acoustic deadening properties, which means I don’t hear them, and they don’t hear me
– I can move my curtains aside and get to the front from the back, and vice versa

Part of good stealth is also choosing good overnight Parking spots.Rear Stealth Curtain