Things on your van will break at the most inconvenient times. There will not always be a shop to fix them, or they’ll happen to your interior. Your best bet is to have the tools to fix things, and the knowledge can be found on youtube on an as needed basis. This page will help you choose the right tools for your van so when things break, you can fix them.

Powered Impact wrench & Driver
You will need to remove stuck on bolts, drive screws, etc. I bought a set from Milwaukee and they have plenty of power for everything I need. Buy a versatile
bit and drill bit set too. Speaking of, look at your van and find out what unique tools it needs. For example, my Sprinter needs a full male TORX set

Multimeter – This is INTEGRAL for diagnosing any type of electrical problems, measuring solar panel voltage, seeing where all your current is going, etc. I highly recommend getting this clamp type ammeter, so you can measure current without disconnecting anything. It helped me find a power draw that disappeared when the battery was disconnected. Impossible to find without one!

Socket set – You won’t get far trying to work on your car without sockets to remove things.

Wrench set – Sometimes a socket wrench won’t fit in there

Flashlight – How can you fix what you can’t see?

Xtreme tape – This stuff is really handy in a pinch. It can seal hose leaks until you find replacement parts.

Disposable Nitrile gloves – With no sink, it’s better not to get your hands full of grime

Dremel style tool and attachments – It’s incredibly useful to be able to cut and shape things with a low-power tool that can run off your inverter

Screwdriver and bit set – Preferably these could be used with whatever drill you end up getting. You never know what weird bit you’ll need

Snow chains if you’re going to be anywhere with snow. I recommend the type that you can put on in place, without moving the vehicle. Helpful AFTER you get stuck!

Various fluids for your engine (antifreeze, oil, brake, etc). If you’re out in the wilderness and need a top off.

Emergency Low Temp Sleeping Bag – What if your heater stops working?